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American Bulldogs

Die Hard American Bulldog kennel is located in northern California. We are right in the middle of San Francisco and Sacramento. Here at Die Hard American bulldogs, we are breeding American Bulldogs for the love of the breed. They are loving, outgoing, bold and fearless without being overly aggressive making them an overall well balanced dog.

We select our dogs very carefully making sure that they consist of some of the best traits an American bulldog can have. We breed both standard and bully type American bulldogs and we strive to breed strong, agile, and athletic American bulldogs that will excel in whichever route their future owners decide to take them. Whether it be weight pulling, protection sport, or show, or if it is to just be a great guard dog and family pet, our dogs are born to exceed in all areas.

No matter what, each one of our dogs will become great family pets. All of our dogs are exposed to children, other dogs and a variety of other natural environment occurrences to prepare them for their life with their new owners. They are a powerful, strong muscled type of dog but also very intelligent and sensitive. They are great around children as they are a gentle giant within a family but also have a very protective instinct towards strangers or intruders and will protect their family from anyone who poses a threat. We know you will fall in love with your new American bulldog just as we have with all of ours.

All the information provided on this website is to help keep you informed about our dogs, the American bulldog breed itself, future litters and any information you’ll need to get started when you bring yours home!

We have puppies for Sale! Check out our Puppies For Sale page to see the latest litters.